Saturday, January 21, 2012

A simple cloth in WebGL using THREE.js

This time, I have tried to do simple cloth simulation in HTML5 canvas element using the famous THREE.js javascript rendering engine. The engine is very fast and very good. I will be extending this work to use WebGL and GPUs later but this was to just get my feet wet.
For full view non-textured: For full view textured version:


harzemli... said...

hi...firstly thanks for your sharings.almost i read all examples.i started working with physx sdk 3.1 a few days ago.i haven't sufficient documetations about physx.maybe it is not too hard but i have difficulty in understanding.i downloaded samples solution and researched it.but it is too complicated for me.i didnt understand how to draw actors on screen.for example i create a box and i want to move with keyboards inputs.imove one direction.but i dont know how to rotate left or right.if you have this type of codes ,can you share me. not only this topic but also create PxD6Joint and set constraints them.i want to create a arm and hold something.if you help me,i m so pleasure...

Mobeen said...

The tutorials assume you already know how to draw a box and other stuff in OpenGL. So I suggest you look at a basic OpenGL book.

DJLAD said...

I am looking for a highly trust worthy three.js developerto work on a confidential project? Any interest?

Mobeen said...

What sort of a project is it? Could you elaborate a bit more in a private email.


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