Saturday, October 25, 2008

Odd Magic Square NxN C++ code

The blogger interface is stupid it keeps formatting my input so I am attaching the whole cpp file. Get the C++ Code. Ofcourse rename the file remove the .zip extension

Magic Squares Algorithm & C++ implementation

Hi all,
This time around its something a bit tricky generating an odd magic square. Details are given everywhere. The wiki entry is sufficient, check it out

I base on the same logic which is commonly followed the one up one right stepping strategy. Here is the pseudocode,

//n is the dimension of magic square for a 3*3 square n=3;

int magic[n][n]={0};

curRow=0, curCol=1;

oldRow=0, oldCol=0;

count =0;





//See if we are into an empty cell

if( magic[curRow][curCol]==0 )


magic[curRow][curCol] = ++count;




//Move down from the previous row but keep the same column

magic[(oldRow+1)%n][oldCol] = ++count;

curRow = (oldRow+1)%n;

curCol = oldCol;


//Store the last row and column index



//Move one up and one right



//Wrap around the size


curRow =n-1;



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