Friday, March 1, 2013

3ds model viewer in WebGL

Usually WebGL libraries like three.js provide conversion tools that convert the input 3ds model to either obj and then into JSON format. Here I present my solution to load the binary 3ds model file directly in WebGL. Here is a live demo of my library.

Try the full screen version:
Controls are:
Left click and drag to rotate
Middle click and drag to zoom in/out

Of course comments and critics welcome. I want to know what the feedback is before and go ahead and implement it as a full fledge 3DS loader.
Currently, the model is diffusely shaded with gray material. I am currently working to load the materials as well as textures. I am planning to make it a full fledge 3D modelviewer and will work on it as soon as I find some more time. Here are some snapshots from the viewer.


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