Sunday, October 30, 2016

Glass effect in Three.js

I have been frequenting Philip Rideout's  blog. Recently, I had to implement the glass effect in three.js. I found out a nifty technique thanks to ofcourse Philip who details a pretty useful technique here. I managed to port it to three.js and then I added in specular highlights. The result ...
Stanford bunny

I will detail the internals if there is some interest.


Randall Rauwendaal said...

I'm interested

Muhammad Mobeen Movania said...

Thanks Randall Rauwendaal for your interest. By the way great work on solid voxelization (JCGT paper). I will do an edit soon.

Spacorum said...

Is there any chance you could share a live demo so we can take a look at the code? Your glass effect for ThreeJS is amazing, I would like to learn how to do it!

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