Friday, October 14, 2011

Converting the existing PhysX3.0 Tutorials to PhysX3.1

Recently, NVIDIA has released the new PhysX 3.1 sdk which has revamped the API a little bit. The support for cloth has been improved plus a lot of improvements.

In the new PhsyX 3.1 sdk, the classes have now been added into a namespace called physx so to get any object, you need to either add physx:: to it or you can add the following directive at the top of the code.

using namespace physx;

Once you add the namespace directive, my exisiting PhysX 3.0 tutorials would work in the new sdk. Thats it, the codes should run fine. In a later tutorial, I will be detail how to do cloth and soft bodies in PhysX 3.1 sdk.

You can download all of my PhysX3 tutorials ported to PhysX 3.1 in a single zip file here
Please make sure to copy the PhysX3_x86.dll into the folder containing the .vcproj file of the solution you are working on.


Mr.Core said...

Thanks for your tutorials, its really amazing and help me to did first most hard step into px coding!
Do you have plans to write lesson about sph or simple particles which will uses gpu ? It would be awesome!

Mobeen said...

Hi Mr. Core,
Yeah i have plans to extend these tutorials to soft bodies, cloth, fluids, sph. Currently, I am trying to see how to get cloth up and running but the current PhysX doc is pathetic and so i cant get it up quickly.

Mobeen said...

Hi Mr. Core,
I have just finished the cloth tutorial. I hope it is useful for u.


Mr.Core said...

Hi Mobeen,
Sorry for late answer I was busy this time by another project, thanks for the nice tutorial, it is very important especially when there are no sane lessons for beginners. Keep up the good work!

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